I came across a couple of memes online (from women) stating the following:

“If you live with a man, he should be paying ALL the bills and everything else (dinners, gifts, etc), if you’re splitting bills with your woman then you are room mates, and he is NOT a real man”

I swear I don’t know who comes up with this crap, I really don’t, and I’m a bit concerned.

Let me just jump right in and say that whatever woman thinks this way sounds insanely selfish and I’ll explain thoroughly why.  If the woman is unemployed or a stay at home mother and the husband/boyfriend works and pays for everything because he is the only income coming into the house, that makes sense.  But, for some reason the women who make these claims have their own job and make around the same amount as their significant other, so why can’t you pay a bill??  It confuses me when certain women claim they want to be equal to men, but in the interim say stupid stuff like this.  If you want to be equal, pay a bill, contribute to your household.

I then took a look at a couple of comments under the memes and someone suggested that it’s fine if your husband is paying for everything as long as you take care of the house (i.g cooking, cleaning, etc).  Then another woman had the audacity to say “no we should share the chores”.  Ok so let me get this straight, you want your husband to not only pay for everything you want or need, but also come home and cook a full course meal, clean the house and handle the kids?

Where are these types of women? Why do they exist? I’m so befuddled.

Let’s dissect this a bit, especially if you live in New York, which is the most expensive place EVER.  This is how your monthly bills are looking:

Rent: anywhere between $1,000 – $2500

Cable: depending on how many boxes you have in the house (let’s say 2 or 3) $200 – $300

If you have Netflix or Hulu: $10 – $20

Con ed: it’s starting to get hot so those A.C’s will be on: $70 – $170

Phone bill (depending on your provider, and how many lines you have): $70 – $150

Credit cards (between the both of you): anywhere between $500 – $3000

Metrocard: $50 – $116

Student loans (in my case the price is): $40,000

Car Insurance: $200

Car payments: $425

I could be missing some, but I’m sure you get the point.  It’s expensive AS FUCK to live in New York, and neither of us are making $150 – $200k to afford everything on the above list and more by ourselves (and I’ve got no problems admitting that), so I guess we’re roommates, lol

What do you guys think?


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  1. I believe its all on what the couple themselves agree on. The man may want to pay for everything or the woman may want to help. To make it a “must” is ignorant and just imbalanced!!


  2. “If you live with a man, he should be paying ALL the bills and everything else (dinners, gifts, etc), if you’re splitting bills with your woman then you are room mates, and he is NOT a real man”
    This is the dumbest I heard all month lmao wow
    No disrespect but this is why alot of men in this generation don’t commit to women. Women(not all)in this generation expect too much and don’t do anything.
    I had nothing but the most respect for independent women that don’t need a man to pay their bills.
    I appreciate you posting


    1. i know i thought it was a bit dumb too, i agree with you, you cant expect so much without giving. what sis wrong with splitting if neither of you are making an immense amount of money by yourself. Thanks for reading 🙂

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      1. Even if a man can and wants to do that for you, does the desire to contribute to the household or even just do for self just fall away cuz you’re in a relationship?


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