The theme for this month’s ONYX box is: “in full bloom” – with us blossoming into better versions of ourselves , hopefully the below products can provide us with the nourishment to flourish this season.

Take a look:

From left to right:

Sleek’E Hair – Micro Fiber Hair Wrap, $18 

I am so glad I got this, only because I ‘ve been meaning to replace the washed up raggedy cotton shirt that I’ve been using for the past 3 years.  SMDH I’ve got to do better, this I know  lol.  This beauty will help tame frizziness and protect my hair from split ends.

Cane & Austin – Glycolic Acid Miracle Pads, $10

This contains 5 packets, so I used one in the morning and one at night for about 3 days.  I felt a little tingle when I used them which is the usual since it’s  a peel to make the skin tighter and brighter.

Estee Lauder – Modern Muse Fragrance Rollerball, $26

I love that they used such a dynamic, inspirational, beauty like Misty Copeland – she is the epitome of black excellence.  I love this scent and I’ve already worn it about 6 times since I received the box.  It’s a mixture of florals and sensual woods which smells amazing on my skin.

Doucce Cosmetics – Mineral Matte Lipstick (in VIP), $20

I like this shade, its a perfect everyday neutral shade.  I prefer matte lipsticks rather than creamy ones, but I will play with this and see if I like the outcome.

Everyday Botanicals – Hair Nourishment Oil, $4.50

I’ve used this 3 times so far – the very first time was right after I washed my hair.  While my hair was still damp I worked the product through from root to ends, and my hair looked so healthy and shiny.

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