Ok, I think Boxycharm is trying to spoil me, and let me tell you this – IT’S WORKING!!  LOL

Since signing up, I’ve received a palette of some kind in every box.  Between this box and my ONYX box, I haven’t bought makeup in such a long time, which is shocking for me.

Take a look at my treats:

From left to right:

Aesthetica 3 piece eye trio ($45) & P12 Face Brush ($27)

Won’t ever hear me complain about getting brushes – between doing my face and clients, I need as many as I can get

PUR (Sculptor Palette), $30

I’ve used the 2 highlighters to the left twice already, I love how they look.  I will be using the contour side soon, I just don’t highlight and contour that much, I’m too lazy for it sometimes

Pretty Vulgar – The Ink Gel Eyeliner, $24

I like this liner, it’s pigmented and can last most of the day.  What I don’t care for, is how dark the bottle is, so you can’t really see how much product your brush is picking up.

Beauty Creations – Liquid Lip Gloss, $10

I wasn’t too excited about this, I feel like I’ve received this color from other boxes, but it will get thrown into the kit

I also received a Cover FX Blurring Primer ($38), but I’ve been using it so much (because it has become my fav) that I forgot to include it into the photo, but if you want to check it out, head over to the Boxy charm site, here


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