I thought of writing this post after I saw my friend’s post on FB, that said the following:

“Women want equality except when it comes to paying the bill on the first date”

I feel like this has been a never-ending conversation between men and women, for the past 60 or so years.  So who should pay for the first date?  The man? The woman?  Or should you even go dutch so there are no problems at the end of the night?

Awwwwwww mannnnnn, this is a tough one, only because there are so many different views.  Some people feel like whoever asked to go on the date should foot the bill, others feel that the man should automatically pay.

My thoughts?  If you’re inviting me out then you should pay for the first date.  You’re trying to impress me and get to know me, and the first step to that is paying for the bill. Now does that mean because you’re paying, that I’ll be that annoying woman who orders 8 entrees?  Nope – I literally hate when women do that, don’t try to drain a man’s pockets just because you’re getting a free meal.  Stop acting as if you’ve never received a meal before, and not to mention you don’t know what he can and cannot afford.  That’s just plain ol’ rude (insert eye roll here)

Now if we continue to date, I will defnitely volunteer to pay for other dates.  But that very first date my friend, that’s all you.  I will always make sure that I have money with me just in case – I’ve heard horrifying stories of the guy dining, dashing and leaving his date with the bill.  If there is ONE thing I WON’T be doing and that is washing dishes in someone’s kitchen because I got stuck at the table looking like booboo the fool.


What are your thoughts on this? And if you have a dine and dash story I want to hear that too, spill the tea  lol


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  1. Agree completely!

    I’ve never had a guy dash, but one let it be known he was taking me to ladies’ night at a bar/restaurant which meant my meal was half off. Another was very loud and obvious with his use of a Groupon. I mean I appreciate honestly.. but dang, subtly helps too.


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