I was scrolling through Tumblr and came across a young lady who made her own body oil shimmer.  I thought it’d be something cute to try, and if it came out good, I could wear this while I’m out and about, to achieve that J.Lo glow.

This was so simple to put together because not alot of ingredients/supplies are needed.

I bought the above clear tube and Pumpkin seed oil from the beauty supply store.  Feel free to use any oil you’d like – from some of the youtube videos I watched, some women use baby oil.  The only time I put baby oil on, is when I used to do photoshoots, and those days are over

The Fenty Highlighter (Trophy Wife) I already owned

This spatula and funnel I already owned.  The spatula is great for mixing makeup together

I ordered this vegetable glycerine and gold mica from Amazon.  I heard Mica can help with giving that pop you want in a shimmer.

I used my spatula to mix the mica and Fenty highlight,  added that into my tube with 2 drops of Glycerine, and about half the bottle of pumpkin seed oil

This was the end result, unfortunately when I did this little concoction, it was dark outside and my room didn’t have the best light.  But I do see some sparkle, just can’t wait to try this in daylight.


Have you guys ever tried this before? If so, how did yours come out?

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