It’s that time of the month again folks, Boxycharm and all their amazing full sized goodies.

Take a look:

From left to right:

Wander – Baggage claim fold eye masks, $13

I like these, they were very soothing and refreshing.  I don’t suffer from under eye bags or dark circles, but I still love a good eye mask to diminish any wrinkles trying to creep up on ya girl

Bang Beauty – Chocolate Eyeliner, $22

I like the texture of this, and can’t wait to do subtle eye wing

Smashbox – Be Legendary Lipstick, $21 – $24

This is a cream lipstick and I usually prefer matte, so I doubt that I’ll use this.  I did not care for the color too much on my skin tone, you have to search really far and wide to get a great orange/coral lipstick to look great on dark skin; those undertones will have you in the streets looking crazy.  I will most likely use this on my clients.

House of Lashes – Lashes, $9 – $12

I will be using these for my next look, but I am giving them the side eye a bit because they look a little cheap, but we shall see. Stay tuned!

Adesse – Sweet almond cuticle oil, $18

I’ve used this everyday since receiving it.  My cuticles get very dry (no matter the season) so I am very grateful for this product

Laura Lee Los Angeles – Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette, $19

I have not used this palette yet, I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t had time to do one of my colorful looks, but soon come I promise

I am salivating just looking at these colors and how pigmented they are

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