Over the past 2 days or so, there’s been so much chaos about actor Geoffrey Owens (formerly known as Alvin from the Cosby Show), working at a New Jersey Trader Joes.  When I first saw the photos that were leaked I thought that someone just wanted to take photos because they recognized him – then after reading certain comments, I realized people were job shaming him and just being plain ol’ mean.

Have we became so disgusting as a human race that we’re shaming a man for working, for working, FOR WORKING, FOR WORKING.  For putting food on the table for himself and his family.  For having a flexible job so he can continue to do what he loves which is go on auditions when he sees fit.  I swear more and more everyday I just want to remove myself from this planet because human beings are just the worst.

That is what every actor, actress, singer, songwriter, producer, director, etc, etc has done for decades until they got that one role/gig that put them on the map.  This is New York and if you’re not hustling, you’re drowning.  I myself, work my 9-5 job (Monday – Friday), I blog, I model, I act, I plan on being on an upcoming podcast, I sometimes deliver food (uber eats).  This is what anyone does to make ends meet and to shame someone for doing so, infuriates my soul.  If he was doing drugs or constantly in jail there would still be an issue, so the moral of the story is, you just can’t please folks, people will ALWAYS have something negative to say.

The irony of this whole story is that with the laughter and shaming of a few, that prompted so many more to come to his aide admitting that everyone in this industry has done this and there’s nothing wrong with it.  Geoffrey has even caught the attention of Tyler Perry who wrote this on Twitter:

Look at God!! Geoffrey has stated that he does not want to receive acting roles because of this experience, but only based off of his resume and merit.  Bravo Mr. Owens, and I stand with you


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  1. I think I heard Cole from Martin was a car salesman. Not everyone on tv makes enough money to stop working forever. And even if they do make enough, they might want to get out the house and meet people and maybe donate that TJs check to charity. I don’t know. And it doesn’t matter! Bottom line, like you said, how can you badmouth a man for working?! I’m so glad he was offered a gig by Tyler! He might even keep his job at TJs.

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    1. exactly i heard that about cole as well, it be that way sometimes, that industry is so fickle. You just never know when your next gig is coming. I just read that he quit his job at TJ because of everything, but apparently they have no issues with him so he is free to come back whenever he likes. That’s good at least

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  2. I’m glad the jerk who attempted to shame Owens for working, which many people are lucky to be able to do daily, received swift negative backlash for her disgusting behavior. Karma, ironically the name of the woman who tried to humiliate Owens, claimed she “wasn’t trying to be malicious”, and I think we all know that was a lie. Thankfully this brought Owens some positive attention AND work opportunities.

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    1. i agree. i hate when people get caught doing something malicious and they say that they werent. you were! because why did you take the photos in the first place?? he said that people literally recognized him everyday and just said hey and shook his hand. why were you the only person that felt the need to take photos and send them everywhere. stop it, ur lying

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