I’m sad to say that I received an email from ONYX about two weeks ago, where they informed me that they will discontinue the subscription boxes moving forward.  Apparently, they are moving on and choosing to get more involved in the beauty industry.  So this may be my last box (tear), take a look at my goodies:

From left to right:

MANNA KADAR – Liplocked priming gloss stain, $24

This color is pretty but I most likely won’t wear it, unless I do an ombre look on my lips.  But if we’re just talking about wearing this alone, that’s a hard no.

BOTANICAL PEOPLE – Orange Blossom Radiance Mist, $2

I used this twice and it is very refreshing.  Once I saw that it helps control oil – I was a fan because my t-zone gets very oily

CROWN BRUSH – Pro Eyeshadow Duo, $8

These 2 colors are so pretty, and they go on so smooth, which will be great in the long run for blending purposes.

The purple shade is called “Serendipity” and the gold color is called “Champagne Dreams”

ESTEE LAUDER – Pure Color Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara, Deluxe Size

Used this once and I love how they make my lashes look – no clumps or sharp eyelashes

LUE BY JEAN SEO – Balance Serum, $7.50

I haven’t used this yet, I have 2 other items I’m using on my face so I don’t want to add to many other products right now, so I will get around to this eventually.

SUPERSMILE – Professional Teeth Whitening System, $9

I haven’t used this either and I probably won’t just because I have a dentist appt. coming up next week and I want to inquire about it first.

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