I am still a bit sad about no longer receiving my ONYX subscription box, but I still have Boxycharm to hold me down from month to month.  Which is amazing because I’m never disappointed when I receive this box.

From left to right:

Farah – Galaxy Gold Tweezers, $12

This is a dual sided tweezer with a flat and pointed side. I’ve already used these twice to apply lashes and some embellishments to my face.

CoverFX – Glitter Drops – Nova, $44

This highlighter is amaziiinnnggggggg, it adds such a bright pop to my face.  I’ve used it 3 times already and I’m surprised because I thought I preferred dry highlighters.  Highlighters like this I always saw as too messy and wouldn’t give the right look – boy was I wrong.

Luxie – Luminous Eye Set, $21

Can never go wrong with new brushes, especially small ones to get into smaller areas.

Ace Beaute – Grandoise Palette, $25

I think this palette is so pretty and pigmented – I especially love the 4 colors to the right a bit more, those shades look great on my skin

Bodyography – Makeup Brush Cleaner, $12

I have to be honest I don’t use brush cleaner as much as I should.  I just use my brushes and then will clean them a day or two later – even when doing makeup on a client, Ill just use a new brush.  I really should try to clean the brushes so washing it in the long run isn’t that bad.

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