This was my holiday Boxycharm box, and I love everything in it – but then again I usually always love everything that’s in my box.  Boxycharm just kills it EVERY month, what can I say?

Take a look:

From Left to Right:

PYT Mini Hair Straightener, $75.00

I don’t think I will use this, only because I don’t put too much heat on my hair, and I never wear it straight.  So this may go into my kit for any fly aways or baby hairs that may need to be tamed on my clients

Cosmedix – Detox Activated Charcoal Mask, $30.00

 I used this once and thought it was a peel off mask, but later realized you just wash it off.  Which was fine, but for some reason anytime I see “activated charcoal mask”, I immediately think of a peel off mask. This did make my face super smooth and soft.

Pretty Vulgar – The Powder Room Translucent Setting Powder (Matte About It), $32.00

I’ve used this powder at least 6 times for my recent makeup looks, and I love it.  There is now a strong competition between this powder and my Airspun Translucent powder.

Tarte – Glitter Lip Paint (Strike Gold), $20.00

This color is lovely against my skin complexion, and I would prefer it as a topper lippie (a.k.a) on top of another lipstick/lip color. It’s so sparkly and smooth, I just wish the brush was a bit thicker and absorbent.

Bodyography – Lip Liner (Timber), $12.00

I love this brown color, it looks great on my lips, especially with the above lip paint

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