If you haven’t heard of the recent R.kelly documentary, then you’ve been living under a rock.  It has been the talk of the town over the past 2 weeks.  I don’t even want to go into details about everything that was said or revealed in the 6 part series because this will end up being the longest blog EVER.  I just want to touch on the people (mainly back people) who still support R.Kelly and are making excuses for him.  We are part of the reason as to why this man has NOT been locked up.  We have been making countless excuses, shaming the victims, and supporting his music for years and it has to stop.

I saw the below on one of my friends FB page and I couldn’t agree more.  It states exactly how I felt so I just copied and pasted- take a look:

R Kelly sympathizers are the ones:

1. Making jokes about the situation
2. Mentioning other famous non black sexual predators
3. Accusing all black people of having a sexual predator in their family that they’re hiding.
4. Accusing all black women of having had slept with older men when they were under age.
5. Trying to dismiss the outrage not even taking into consideration that there is a whole new generation that wasn’t around in the early 90s when he was first exposed.
6. Makes statements like, “We need to separate the man (Child Molester) from his artistry.
7. Makes reference to him being a King of R&B
8. “You aren’t outraged about Trump but want to be upset about R Kelly”
9. Accuses everyone of trying to bring the Black Man down. Note: Child Molesters aren’t men but if you males wanna keep a sexual predator in your circle, go ahead!
10. Spends more energy questioning everyone around R Kelly instead of condemning him and standing with the victims.
11. What about the Catholic Church?
12. This is just to distract us from the government shut down.
YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! You make it easy for sexual predators to thrive.


What are your thoughts??  Did you see the documentary?

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