I don’t know why, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves – just thinking about outside clothes on my bed, makes me itch.  Luckily my husband feels the same way so that’s one less argument in our house.  I can allow certain things like a purse/handbag, and that’s only because I’ve heard that it’s not a good idea to put a purse on the floor (I am low-key superstitious).

What makes this even better is all of my friends are like this as well.  If I go to a friend’s house who just has a room (sharing an apartment with other roommates) then an old towel or blanket goes across their bed, and then we sit.

I live in New York so that pretty much says it all as far as where my clothes could have been or touched.  There are always bums on the train and let’s be honest they don’t clean every seat on the train when it pulls into the last stop.  As long as there isn’t sh** or vomit, there is no proper cleaning.  That goes for a park bench, bar stool, restaurant booth, etc, etc.  I, in no way, shape or form want to bring all of those cooties into my space (especially where I lay my head).  My bed is supposed to be my comfort zone, my sanctuary, my private place, my peace, my sanity.

I think my fear of a dirty bed stems from the fact that I’ve seen things in the street I would never want touching my bed. I remember about 8 years ago I was coming from a night class I was taking at John Jay college and I entered the 59th street (Columbus Circle ) train station.  After waiting for about 5 minutes, a homeless woman walked through the platform looking in the trash cans for newspaper.  Myself, as well as the other train riders noticed her ONLY because she smelled really bad so she caught our attention.  She then proceeded to place all the newspaper onto a train bench, pulled her pants down, and took a sh** right there on the bench.

After that incident I vowed NEVER AGAIN  sit on ANY benches, especially on the train platform.

Now that you’ve read this, I’ve probably ruined you forever. #SorryNotSorry.


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