So the talk of the town for the past week or so, has been the infamous Netflix documentary: Abducted in Plain Sight. If you have NOT seen this yet, I’d suggest not reading the rest of this post, because there will be some spoilers.  However, if you don’t care, or probably won’t watch, then sit down, grab a drink, and let me vent about the stupidity of this family.

First off, let me start by saying that I’ve never been sooooooo emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally drained from a movie, in my ENTIRE LIFE.  At one point, I asked my husband to pause it, just so I could gather my thoughts about everything that was happening.  It just ended up being too much.

So let’s get into it – the girl who was abducted was named Jan.  She was taken by her neighbor B

B was quite the manipulator.  Here are the bullet points for what took place:

  • B became obsessed with Jan, which her sisters and parents admitted to
  • He then began taking her to events by himself
  • He asked her parent to take her to an event and said he would be home later that night – he ended up giving Jan sleeping pills and drove her to Mexico with him
  • Her idiotic parents waited 5 days before they got the police or anyone else involved
  • When Jan woke up, he proceeded to tell her some ridiculous story about aliens and her needing to have sex for him, or her family would be killed
  • She believed this (of course) because she was around 11 years old
  • He called her parents and asked if he could marry Jan.  They said no, but eventually he did it anyway.  They were gone for a couple of months
  • The cops found where they were, brought them both back to Utah.  Of course Jan was extremely brainwashed and wanted to be with B
  • He somehow convinced her parents to let him sleep in the bed with Jan for what he called “therapy”.  They agree
  • She went against her parents and said that they needed to be married and have kids or there would be dire consequences
  • Somehow, Jan’s mother has an affair with B (she slept with him about 11 times in a year)
  • The father stupidly jerked B off in the car one evening.  B’s wife Gail, informed them to not mention anything about the kidnapping or those secrets will be exposed.  They chose not to (which really pissed me off). They ended up signing an affidavit of some kind stating they gave B permission to take Jan – that she was never actually kidnapped.
  • Some time passes, Jan starts getting anxious and wants to see B – so she begs her parents to put her on a plane to go see him.  At first they say no, but eventually the mother sends her (she is the dumbest of both parents, I swear)
  • So she isn’t technically kidnapped the second time (her idiot of a mother) actually GAVE her daughter to him.
  • He enrolls Jan into a all girls school and keeps her for another 4 months or so, before the cops find them again.
  • He is then taken to jail, but not for that long (between his privilege and the dumb ass parents) there wasn’t too much of a case

I know after reading this you may feel the same emotions I described above.  Welcome to the club, if my energy was drained, then you all had to suffer too.  I never thought that I’d hear a story like this.  NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can be this friggin stupid and naive.

If you saw it, what were your thoughts?  Let’s chat about it

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