I signed up for the Boxyluxe box about 3 months ago and I’m soooooooo glad I did.  I got such great treats, and I am looking forward to my next box – *sigh* I have to wait 3 months though.  I still get my monthly Boxycharm boxes though

Anyway, take a look:

(From left to Right):

Lilly Lashes – Exclusive Faux Mink Gala Lashes, $24.99

I like these lashes, the length was nice and they weren’t heavy on the eyes

Moda Brushes – Powder and Soft Glow Kit, $29.99

You can never have enough brushes, so no complaints here

Deborah Lippmann – O’Donna and Modern Love, $20

I don’t really have nail polish in my house, so I most likely may give this to my God-daughter – she is a little diva, so she’ll love it

Iconic – Eyebrow Cushion, $40

I didn’t think I would like this, because the texture and consistency was a bit different than what I’m used to (I usually use eyebrow pomades).  I like it now, it goes on smooth and dries great

CoverFX – Perfector Face Palette, $45

I was disappointed with this palette, because it was meant for people with lighter tones.  They actually have another option for darker tones so I don’t know why I didn’t receive that one – especially since it is in my portfolio what my skin tone is.  I will be giving this to my God-daughter as well

IT Cosmetics – Confidence in a Cream Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream, $48

I’ve been wanting to purchase some IT products because I heard such great reviews, so I’ve been using this morning and night for the past week.  No complaints.  Although, after seeing some comments on the IG Boxycharm page, a lot of people have stated that this cream made them breakout.  I have not experienced this and I hope I don’t – we shall see.

Wander Beauty – Lift off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask, $34

I actually used this yesterday, it made my face soooooo smooth, I will be using it often

Becca – Ultimate Lipstick Love (Dusk), $24

I don’t care for this color, so I will just add it to my kit

Morphe – 15 shade Artistry Palette, $16

I was so excited to receive a Morphe Palette, they have the best eyeshadow palettes

As a bonus I received this Boxycharm Traincase, $20

I got this bag as a bonus, which is great because when I am on the go I can use this to carry my makeup essentials

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