“Tattoo my name so I know it’s real” is one of those quotes that I hate so much, I wish it was a person so I could punch it in the face.

Getting your spouse’s name tattooed on your body is something I’ve NEVERRRRRR understood.  Let me tell you this, I have no tattoos (no real reason) but if I did have one, it damn well wouldn’t be my significant other’s face or name – I’ll be damned. I have not seen ONE person that hasn’t regretted that kind of tattoo – 98% of the time it gets covered up.  Why? Because it was a stupid mistake in the first place.

Sometimes I wish I could see what kind of love these people experience to get them to that point, because I’ve been with my husband for about a decade now and it AIN’T happening.  We could possibly get the same art, icon, letter, etc, but I would never do a full name or face, that’s a bit much.  And if for some reason we got divorced (knock on wood) I won’t ever regret it because it would be small, and I’d have a memory from the longest relationship I’ve been in.

And ladies, for the love of Christ please stop getting the tramp stamp tattoo on your lower back with your spouse’s name.  Once you break up it may be quite awkward for your next boyfriend to be comfortable hitting it from the back while looking at “Devon” non stop.  It’s weird!

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