As promised, I’ll be trying to stay more consistent with my black business purchases.  I bought the below lipgloss and all the info for their business is below, if interested:




I received this small sample below, free of charge (no complaints here) of the lipgloss called “Bout my Fetti”.  Which is funny because this was one of the glosses that I wanted to try out, but just opted to get a clear gloss instead.  So I guess if I like it, I can always head back to the site to get the large size.

This was the gloss I actually purchased, called “Super Clear”.  I’ve been really into brown liner and a very clear glossy lip, so I thought this was great to just have to wear on an everyday basis or to even create a great nude look.  It’s not too thick and not too thin, it’s just right, and has no taste which doesn’t bother me.  I can tend to be that weird person that continuously licks my lips if the flavor I have on is tasty.

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