Ya see, no lies detected, I told you guys I wasn’t playing – another black business purchase.  2 in 1 week, won’t he do it?

This one is a bit different from my other purchases; no makeup, no body butters, no clothes – this product is a feminine wash.  It’s called Pangaea Wash, and it’s a foaming cleaner for women’s feminine parts.  If you need any of their info, see below:




I actually came across this wash while watching a youtube video.  The blogger I watch consistently supports them, so I thought maybe I should see what the hype is about.  When I went to the website I saw quite a few good reviews and once I saw their ingredients I was sold.  For the past 8 years I’ve been using Summer’s Eve Wash, and although I love it – there are about 4 ingredients that we should NOT be using in THAT area.  I zoomed in a bit so you can see the ingredients and directions for using this product.

I’ve only used it twice but I have to say that I like it already.  It’s lightweight and it smells very refreshing. My skin is sensitive, so the fact that nothing has happened or irritated me yet, makes me feel good.  This may be my new feminine wash – It looks as if I’ll have to give a heartfelt goodbye to Summer’s Eve.  OOOOOOO well, it’s been real . (chucks up the deuces)

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