To be honest, this box really didn’t do it for me.  There are 3 (out of the 5) items that I already either gave to my co-workers or put on Poshmark for sale.

Take a look:

From Left to Right:

GlamGlow – Gentlebubble Cleanser, $28

This cleanser can thoroughly cleanse the skin and dissolve makeup, but I just recently purchased some new skincare products that I’ve been using everyday for the past 3 weeks.  So I don’t want to use anything else on my face so I put this on Poshmark.

Steve Laurant – Lip Gloss (Posh), $22

I gave this to my co-worker, I have enough of this kind of shade at home.  No need to become a hoarder

Ciate London – Eye Luster Creme Eyeshadow (Cupid), $22

This was my favorite out of the entire box – it seems long lasting and not to mention it looks amazing on my skin.  I will most likely use this as a topper with a great cut crease eye.

Alamar Cosmetics – Colorete lush Trio

I put this on Poshamrk as well – I just was not feeling the colors.  They came across as a bit chalky and they don’t fit my complexion

Bodyography – Brush Duo, $17

Can never go wrong with brushes.  You literally can never have enough

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