I saw the below meme in one of my many FB groups and let’s just say there was some aggressive back and forth between the women and men.

I will say this, I have no problem going dutch and paying for myself, that’s fine – but I will NOT nor have I EVER paid for both of us on the very FIRST date.  Maybe after getting to know the person, that’s fine.  With that being said a lot of the women in the comments said they had no problem asking a guy out – and if they do, they’re aware the guy may assume that she is willing to pay for both of them, since she asked.  A few of the ladies were a bit old fashioned and felt that no matter who asked who out, the man should pay.

Me personally – I feel like it’s 2019, a woman can ask a man out. I’ve heard from quite a few guys that they love when women take the first step and ask them out.  It takes some of the pressure off them, there is no rejection, and the woman being assertive comes across as sexy.

So let’s hear it ladies have you EVER paid for the first date with a guy?? Or would you ever?

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  1. Great post!!! This made me go way back into my memory vault cause I’m married now but back when I was dating I had no problem going dutch. But for the life of me, I don’t remember me paying for the first date. I would tell guys I didn’t mind paying but I never did. I would maybe leave a tip. If I asked the guy out I would offer to pay but he would never let me especially on the first date. When I was dating I would ask guys out often. I was also doing online dating so it was easier.
    Now that I’m married hubby will occasionally say “You wanna get this?” when the check comes. Most times my wallet is already out if I’m in a good mood 😉

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    1. yassssssss same here, I am married and have been with my husband for about 10 years. and we do the same thing, we sometimes split or he’ll look at me like you got it?? and i’m like yeah. we live in New York, cant expect one person to pay every single time you go out. It’s expensive here

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