So with all the hype surrounding the new live action “Lion King”, I thought I’d do a look focused on my favorite character.  I absolutely loved Scar – he was mean, surly, disrespectful, devious, sarcastic – the exact qualities needed to be amazing villain.

I want to see the movie, but there are so many mixed reviews about it, I’m not too sure.  Have any of you seen it, what do you think?


Mascara: Butter London Mascara – black

Moisturizer: Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Eyelid Primer: The Crayon Case Washable Eye Glue Stick

Primer: Cover FX Blurring Primer

Eyelashes: Aliexpress Mink lashes E89

Setting Powder: Ben Nye Translucent Powder (Translucent)

Setting Spray: CoverFX Setting Spray

Highlighter: OMGLO Highlighter Spray

Face Paint: Grimas Face Paint


If you have any looks you would like me to try or recreate, just send them my way

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