I know a woman’s “period” is kind of a taboo subject to discuss – I’m not sure why?  Maybe certain people find it disgusting (kind or pointing at men here)  LOL.  It cant be disgusting to us fellas, we’re the unfortunate ones to have to deal with them.  And if we had a choice we’d be 100% team #noperiod – TRUST ME!!!

Being on your period is like the worst roller coaster ride EVER – We’re always emotional, dealing with breast soreness, back problems, fatigue, restlessness, and not to mention the obvious: we have blood consistently drained out of our bodies like that scene in the movie Blade, once they finally caught and tried to sacrifice Wesley Snipes.  We are pissed, annoyed, hungry (mainly for chocolate) and are always fed up for those couple of days.

So with all that described above, I don’t know how certain women have sex while on their period – Personally, I don’t want to be touch/bothered, I don’t care for the smell, I don’t feel attractive, the cramps kick my ass, I’m hopped up on pain killers (that pick and choose when they want to work), so how do some of you do it? Especially on a consistent basis?  I need answers dammit!!

I came across this article and I have to tell you (as a woman) I was quite disgusted.  Sorry (not sorry) but in no way does ANYONE need to see those types of photos, or need to know who and how women are having sex while on their period.  I damn sure don’t want to see proof of women giving and/or receiving oral while on their cycle; NOPE I’M GOOD – return to sender – that info is NONE of MY business.

If you do it, then that is your business – No judgement, but I won’t be partaking in this activity, sorry (enter black emoji shoulder shrug here)

So let’s get a little personal here, who has done it? Who hasn’t? What are your thoughts on it?


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