I realized earlier this week, that I’ve grown a bit bored of Boxycharm recently.  I canceled Boxyluxe because the last 2 I received so far, did nothing for me, and I literally gave every item to my co-worker.  I changed my profile a bit to see if they can spice up my next couple of boxes, so we shall see. However, if I am not pleased with anything over the next 2 months I may cancel my subscription

Take a look at this month’s goodies:

PUR The Complexion Authority – Pink Glitter Mask, $26

This one is going to my co-worker- I already have a skin care regimen I’m trying to stick to, and to be honest this looks like it’s more of a pretty “try me out because of the name” product, rather than something that actually helps the skin.  So I’m good

Lashaholics – Instagram False Eyelashes, $15

Can’t go wrong with lashes – they were simple but can help achieve a bold look as well

Becca – Hydra-mist & Refresh Powder, $40

OMG this powder right here has somehow become my holy grail and I’ve only had it for about a week.  It smoothes out wrinkles and pores (mines are huge), and leaves your face looking and feeling smooth  It feels very damp and cool at first, which can be weird, but that only lasts for a few minutes.

Wander – Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil, $42

This one is going to my co-worker as well

Tarte – Big Ego Mascara, $23

I like the wand on this mascara, very thick and gets every eyelash.  Ever since I signed up for Boxycharm, I can’t remember the last time I actually bought mascara or makeup brushes.  I always get them in my boxes, which is fine because neither one are cheap

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