I’ve had an immense of celebrity news thrown in my face the last week or so, and I’m just mentally drained with everything, so I decided if I’m gonna complain, I minus well complain to you guys – why not right? Maybe I’ll make this a weekly thing, who knows

Take a look:

  1. How was it even possible for the Michael Jackson documentary to win an Emmy, AFTER the director supposedly came out stating that he didn’t believe either “victim”.  I’m confused

2.  Speaking of the Emmy’s why is the bee hive upset that Beyonce’s documentary “Homecoming” didn’t win anything?  Ummmmmmm it wasn’t all that – but I can understand their hostility after hearing James Corden’s “Carpool Karoake” won. That’s got to be annoying

3. Why is everyone on the show “Marriage Bootcamp” NOT married?  And the same for “Basketball Wives”, no one is even a……..sigh…….forget it

4. Sooooooooo Felicity Hoffman, just 14 days huh?? Duly noted

5. Kanye West still going hard with this Sunday service thing, I mean don’t get me wrong, they can blow, but…………….. it seems like another audience for him to sell his horrid fashion line to, but whatever

6. Why do women keep having babies by rapper Future, and then feel some type of way that he isn’t doing what he’s supposed to do? or not coming to see the kids?? Hell he has 28 and counting (and you knew that),  I’d feel better if you just came right out and said “I’m a gold digger and I want money” .  But don’t pee on me and tell me it’s rain, and try to convince us that you had a special bond with him – I’m good love, enjoy!

7. Who is going to see the J.Lo movie “Hustlers”?  Yeah me either

8. Why would Lebron try to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday”??  Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

9. Lori Harvey going out with Puffy makes my stomach turn

10. The lady who put 100K towards R. Kelly’s bail, now wants her money back since he’s been indicted.  AHT AHT gotta be quicker than that, no backsies maam  LOL


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4 thoughts on “MY CELEBRITY GRIPES

  1. Firstly, I’m here for the weekly gripe post. Go for it! It’s funny and it’s nice to know I’m not crazy with some of the thoughts I have..
    And I saw Hustlers with my mom…….. I went in with very low expectations so no disappointment there!

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