Alright folks I decided to make it a weekly thing, let’s get into it:


1.  The hard-on that Nancy Pelosi has to impeach Trump, tickles my inner being, Gotta love her!

2.  Monia Sabbag is suing Kevin Hart for $60 million about the sex tape scandal that happened in 2017- Not only has it been 2 years, but he JUST almost lost his life, THIS is the time you decide to sue him?  Really? You couldn’t wait until he was fully better to be a bitch? Also, whenever you see Lisa Bloom involved, don’t you just automatically assume it’s bullshit?  Not blaming/discrediting the victims, just saying Lisa gives me vibes

3.  What is going on with Antonio Brown?  He is just all over the place, and not in a good way, get it together dude

4.  So apparently Nicole Murphy apologized for kissing Antoine Fugua (a married man) stating that it was more of a “hey how you doing” kiss.  If you don’t sit your lying ass down maam.  No one kisses their friends like this, a peck maybe, but you two looked as if you were headed toward a room to finish the deal

5.  I like rapper Meg the Stallion, but if I hear the term hot girl summer just ONE MORE TIME.  I guess I won’t get that break since I just heard that she patented the saying *sigh* Winter where you at?

6.  Why does Taylor Swift continue to talk about Kanye West? And vice versa? This incident happened 17 years and 4 kids ago. If only they both realized we don’t care about either one of them

7.  New Jack City and House Party movies have some reboots coming our way.  I want no parts of it, I’ve had enough of reboots, come up with some original content

8.  Who really believes that Nicki Minaj will retire from rap? I don’t see it happening, she loves it too much but we shall see.  I don’t know how I feel about her future husband, he just looks like a psycho sometimes

9.  Tekashi 69 – *sigh* – I think the internet sure can run some things into the ground, I’m done with all these memes/gifs about him being a snitch

10.  Ice T’s wife CoCo received a wave of haters in her IG comments, after posting a pic of her breastfeeding her daughter.  Ummmmmmmmm maybe those comments were warranted since your daughter is 4, so at this point you have a high schooler gnawing on your breasts like a hyena on a bone


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