I came across Mented Cosmetics via FB after seeing some of their ads.  I noticed that they were black owned and that’s all it took to get my attention – I’ve been wanting to try out some new foundations, to just have multiple shades from different companies that I can use.

If you’d like to purchase something from them, their info is below:



I love that they sent a foundation sample with my order, I was able to physically see which color worked for me.  Please note that in order to get this you have to spend over $25

Skin by Mented Duo, $40 (This comes with a buffing foundation Brush)

After looking at the “find my shade” selection on their website, I saw that T40 (Deep tan with warm undertones) would be a good match for me.  However, I received it and it was way too light.  After playing with the foundation sample above, I was able to swap and get a shade that matches me better – M20 (medium brown with neutral undertones).  I actually just received it today and I’m excited to try it.

Gloss for Grown ups Collection, $50

I’ve worn 2 of these already for a photoshoot I did for a natural hair salon (will showcase those photos soon).

The colors are: Mauve Over, Send Nudes, Berry Me, and Baby Brown

What do you guys think? Don’t forget to SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES!!

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