So apparently with Valentine’s Day having recently passed, there were an immense amount of marriage proposals.  What we didn’t know is that most of those proposals were initiated by women.  According to Michelle Frankel – a match maker – she states that the new growing trend is women taking a knee and asking their man to accept.

There is definitely the tradition component as to why some women would never propose to a man.  In society, women are constantly told that they can’t be too bold, too loud, too bossy, too aggressive, too assertive, too dilligent – it comes across as a flaw.  We are made to think that we should go with the flow and wait for things to be brought to us, and then act accordingly.

I am in no way judging because I feel like people should do what makes them happy.  So if a woman proposing to her man is what she wants, then by all means DO IT! You only live once and if he accepts then it wasn’t in vein then right? Hell it’s 2020 the rules are always changing when it comes to this romance thing.

Personally, I would NEVER EVER EVER propose to a man, it’s just not in me.  I’m just a firm believer of when a man wants to settle down and knows you are the one, he will commit. I’m actually married (4 years now) and as a child I never saw myself as a married woman. I was never that young girl envisioning what her dress, wedding decor, and vows would be.  I always thought it was a waste of money, stressful for the couple, but fun for everyone else who was invited.

But let me know your thoughts ladies – would you propose to a man?  Men would you accept a proposal from a woman? Let me know

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