So as I stated before in my last Boxycharm post, I finally decided to cancel my monthly subscription boxes that I receive from them.  I just didn’t approve that I filled out surveys and profiles so I can be sent certain products, put never receiving the products I wanted.

So these are all the goodies from my last box, take a look:

From left to right:

Hank & Henry – Living in color Palete, $27

I like the pigments in this palette, and I am quite happy that I received an eyeshadow palette in my very last box.  It’s a nice way for me to say goodbye, Ha Ha

KVD Vegan Beauty – metal crush liquid highlighter (gold skool), $ 21

I did not care for this at all, it was too shimmery and looked a bit cheap, so to be honest I threw this in the trash

Chella – Slanted tip tweezers, $20

With this whole Covid-19 epidemic going on, all nail salons and threading shops are closed.  So these tweezers came in handy because I had to tweeze my eyebrows recently

QMS Medicosmetics – lip line corrector, $200

I was really confused about the price for this, I would never pay this amount for something like this.  I’m not a fan of lip plumping products in any way, because I don’t think I need them personally, so this went to my co-worker

Becca – glow gloss (Camelia), $22

This is a pretty gloss that I can use on clients, so this went in my kit

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