Hey everyone, hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this on-going pandemic.  It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog, but there has been a lot going on but I def wanted to check in and see how everyone was handling things.

I know we did not take Corona very seriously when it first began, but now knowing the facts, knowing someone who knows someone who has it, and not being able to leave the house unless for essential needs – this whole situation can be so mentally draining.

You know you see these types of situations happen in movies but you never really expect it to happen in real life.  Of course we’ve dealt with the bird flu/swine flu but it was never on this level. You cant help but think that things may get worse day by day.  With my imagination I’m starting to think that the next phase will be a zombie apocalypse – like a real life Walking Dead situation LOL

And please don’t let any of these memes going around make you feel like you’re being unproductive.  If you have kids and have to help with their assignments on google classroom (which I’ve heard is very confusing), if someone you know has passed away from the virus, if you previously suffered from depression or anything of that nature – then you DON’T need to find a new skill, you DON’T need to have a side hustle.  You are dealing with enough, and there is no need to overdue it.

So let’s chat, how are you guys doing?  Have you been keeping busy? What are you doing to stay stress-free?


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