I recently was given the opportunity to try out a new product called “Growology Hair Serum” from a young lady named Nina Nolan.  She contacted me and stated that she saw some of my other hair videos and would like for me to try her product out and do a video showcasing it.

Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to input videos in my blog unless they’re directly from Youtube – but if you’d like to see the video feel free to take a look at my IG (@silk_sachet).  I love this product, it smells amazing and gives this tingly sensation once applied to your scalp and massaged it into the hair.

She sells 2 growth serums, #1 that I have is for typical hair growth, and #2 is for people with hair loss, alopecia, baldness, etc.  Take a look at her info below and see if you’d like to try it:

IG: @growologyhaircare


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