It’s been at least 2 years since I attempted to put Bentonite Clay on my hair, not really sure why I stopped. I know one thing, I need to makes sure that I use this at least once a month because it has such great benefits for the hair.  Bentonite Clay helps with all of the below:

  • defines curls
  • helps with frizziness & dry scalp
  • dandruff
  • hair loss
  • dermatitis
  • adds moisture
  • removes dirt, impurites and toxins from hair
  • heat damage

The clay I used was shown in one of my recent posts here.

However, feel free to grab a large one from Amazon here

I decided to switch it up and used Snapchat for the below pics, why not have fun when you have to tackle a curly beast right? The below pic was of my hair after washing, but before the clay:

I used a small bowl to mix about a cup of clay, water and some Apple Cider Vinegar.  There are accurate measurements you can use that are shown on Youtube or Pinterest, but I usually just eyeball it.  Especially since my hair is so thick, the typical measurements never work for me.

So I used my Alikay Natural products to wash, condition and detangle my hair, then proceeded with the clay mask.  I parted my hair into 4 sections and applied sparingly (used disposable gloves because this stuff can get kind of messy).  Left it in for about 25 minutes until it got dry, then washed it out. And Voila, defined poppin curls for days!

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