I’ll be honest, I purchased this because I saw non-stop videos and ads via Instagram and Facebook.  Of course I did some research, looked at reviews and checked out their website to make sure they were legit.

So what exactly is Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, all while removing any excess oil, whiteheads or blackheads.  I occasionally get a pimple here or there, and if I do, I just place a hot rag on top of it until it dissapears – I no longer pop them (with my fingers) because that can cause pigmentation.  However, blackheads are a constant problem, so I bought this device to see how it can help until I can afford those pricey costs at a dermatologist office.

If you’d like to purchase something from them, their info is below:



So this kit includes the actual device, the USB cord that charges it, the user manual, and 6 different suction heads.  I used about 2 of them and followed the instructions on how to use the device on my face.  My face was not used to this so I ended up being a little red afterwards and a little swollen, but once I woke up the next day, my face had returned back to normal. I like this device and I will continue to use it at least once a week.

What I love about this is that is has 3 suction modes varying based based on the type of skin.  There are 3 options; oily, normal and dry.  I have combination skin so I just used the oily setting for my T-zone and dry for the rest of my face.

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