I’ve bought a couple of items from this company over the past couple of years, so there was no hesitation to purchase the small items below.  I’ve been following them for years and it’s just amazing to see how they’ve grown.  Their products have perfected and they’re all about skin and what is best for it.  If you’d like to purchase something from them, their info is below:



I purchased The Bikini & Feminine Balm as well as the Lavender Peppermint foot balm

The bikini balm is great to calm irritation that comes with shaving, waxing, nair and things of that nature.  I used this about 2 weeks ago when I got my bikini wax.  It’s so calming and the smell is nice and light.

The foot balm is for cracked heels, and rough feet. In these summer months, sandals can be harsh on the feet, so it’s great to have something like this to assist with any heel issues.  I use this at night and then apply a thick pair of fuzzy socks, so the balm can penetrate my skin.

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