I was born in 1986, and Seinfeld first debuted on July 5, 1989, so of course I wasn’t an avid watcher in those times. I never really watched Seinfeld in the early 90’s, I started while attending high school in the early 2000’s and I was hooked every since.  My husband and I first bonded over Seinfeld and we’ve been together ever since – It’s our favorite show.

My favorite character is Frank Costanza, because he is just so brash, loud and mean.  Funny story, I recently heard that at first when he began filming they wanted him to be docile and quiet, pretty much let Estelle (George’s mom) play the loud domineering parent.  I’m so glad they decided to go the opposite route because that would NOT have worked.

Below is a compilation of many funny moments throughout all seasons – because let’s face it, this is Seinfeld, how would I actually pick ONE hilarious scene?  Let me know your favorite episode, I don’t have one because it’s really hard to choose just one:


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