For the past 5 months, I’ve been buying aloe plant from my local supermarket.  I buy it, clean it, trim it, and then store in my fridge and eat it.  I immediately follow it with some water because this stuff is slimy and has a nasty taste.

Here are the steps I take to cut and clean aloe:

1. I grab a knife and cutting board – proceed to cut the head (the largest part) off

2. I place that tip in a cold bowl of tap water and sit upright for about 30 minutes.  This allows the yellow sap to drain out – this sap is called aloin, and while it is not toxic, it has a very bitter taste and may cause stomach discomfort, so it is best to dispose of it.

3. Once I drain the water, I proceed to cut the sharp edges off, then cut the aloe in to large pieces.

4. Then, just to be on the safe side, after trimming the aloe, I place the pieces into another cold bowl of water.  I just like to make sure the sap is definitely out if I’ll be ingesting this.

5. Lastly, I remove the aloe from the bowl of water, cut into smaller pieces, then eat 1 piece a day


Here are all the benefits of aloe:

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