I did this look Election night, but completely forgot about all the products I used because, well I was stressing and stalking CNN.   So unfortunately, I don’t have my usual list of products I used for this look.

I was given this look by a friend via FB and she wanted me to recreate it, so I agreed and added a little bit of flare – I’m supposed to be a scary broke doll.

Take a look and let me know what you think:

If you have any looks you would like me to try or recreate, just send them my way

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9 thoughts on “SACHE’T SLAY

      1. Excellent my lovely creative lady, this is the gift that you have so enjoy it and embrace it and do what makes you happy. That is all that life gives another the difference is most don’t take it, so take it and use it and most of all enjoy what you make of it…. xxx

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