We’ve made it to February you guys, I would say Happy black history month, but I celebrate my blackness throughout the entire year. I thought it’s been one hell of a month, so I just had to do a recap of it all – because if this is what happened in January, then February is going to be a shit show. 

This is in no specific order, take a look:

  • Trump got impeached (twice) and his impeachment defense attorneys have resigned. Life comes at you fast, huh?
  • Once Trump got removed from all platform apps, wasn’t it just so quiet and peaceful? I felt like a mother getting a much needed break from her kids LOL
  • Can we just discuss how the women who attended the inauguration shut it down with their wardrobe
  • Was I the only one who kind of wished Trump would have attended the inauguration, just to see how immature he would’ve acted?  The tension would’ve been so thick 
  • Is the FBI really asking for our help to find the insurrectionists?? Ummmm they told on themselves, just look at the many videos circulating online.  The question really should be, how were they even able to actually leave the premises in the first place?
  • I don’t know about you guys but I thought Bernie Sanders looked super warm in his mittens  LOL
  • Would you get the Covid vaccine?
  • Kellyanne Conway and her family need all the help they can get – what on God’s green is going on in that house? SMDH
  • I guess in certain places like Florida and Atlanta, Covid Just DOESN’T EXIST huh?
  • Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man, after murdering 2 people and injuring one – SOUNDS ABOUT WHITE!
  • Popeyes removes the cajun rice and green beans from their menu – hell at this point you minus well shut down
  • If I see one, JUST ONE more buss it, june bug, and silhouette challenge – I’m gonna scream
  • Did you guys watch Bridgerton? What’d you think?
  • The Robinhood app is scandalous
  • Tory Lanez and Chris Brown are collaborating on a song together.  The jokes just write themselves at this point
  • R.I.P to Cecily Tyson, Dustin Diamond, Hank Aaron, Larry King , & Eric Jerome Dickey
  • Subway is being sued by 2 women who claim they aren’t serving real tuna.  IDK but this sounds real Karen-ish to me – I was under the assumption that EVERYONE knew that nothing served at Subway was real
  • R.I.P to Kobe, Gigi and everyone else that was on that helicopter – this year went so fast
  • I don’t trust the Coming to America 2 movie, if it ends up being bad and they mess up a classic, I will sue
  • Did Trey Songz seriously assault an officer, put him in a headlock and he’s still alive?? How sway?
  • Seeing republicans turn on not only each other but Trump as well, entertains my spirit in so many ways
  • Ashanti won that Verzuz battle, I don’t care what anyone says
  • Did Joe Exotic really think HE of all people was going to get a pardon?  Sir please sit down
  • I shall be watching Wendy Williams Lifetime bio – and I shall be drinking tea while I watch it too  HA HA

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