Hellooooooooooooooooo all of you out there in blogger land, allow me to introduce myself; my name is Sache’t (Sha-Shay).  The “t” is silent and if it helps in any way, just think about Ru-Paul’s hit song “Supermodel” (you better work)  For some who already know me as Satin, don’t be confused, Sache’t is my middle name, my moniker for this blog as well for my modeling site

I decided a couple of months ago to start a blog because (lets face it) I have a lot to say.  I am quite opinionated, with a strong personality to match, that I SHALL NOT apologize for

There will be an immense amount of topics I will cover here, including natural hair, skin, fitness, makeup and everything in between.  Please feel free to comment, share, or send me any topics that you want me to discuss,  nothing is off limits

So enjoy it for as long as it lasts folks, because the flood gates are indeed open, and once I start, it’ll be hard to stop


CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats Satin!!!! Finally, it’s here as you HAVE been talking about it for some time lol well done hun xx


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